MINKUS LYS is an artist collective that has been working at the intersection of installation and performance art since 2013. Their projects are charaterized by the interaction with the audience and an exploratory, multifaceted and adventurous approach and by using various materials.

MINKUS LYS creates moments of irritation and wonder, enables innovative ways of communication and invites to explore new perspectives. The audience is directly involved through different options of engagement and immersively co-develops the works.

Amongst others MINKUS LYS realized projects for the miniaturen festival in Bremen (2020), Nordstadt im Rampenlicht in Hildesheim (2019/20), Fuchsbau Festival in Hannover (2016) and the theater- and performance festival at.tension in Lärz (2015).

The members of the collective studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice in Hildesheim with a focus on theatre, media and fine arts. Their work is site-specific, interdisciplinary and they operate in various constellations. MINKUS LYS are Sophia Bizer, Nadine Hampel, Charlotte Jautz, Anne Reinhold, Anne Seiler and guests.

Past Projects

Institut für angewandte Beendigung (Bremen)
Recycling Reisen (Bremen-Neustadt)

Hörstück: Hast du Fragen??, Ergebnisse 2019 (Hildesheim)
Was sammelst du?, Sommerferienprogramm Kopfstand (Hannover)
Die kleinste Empfangshalle der Welt, miniaturen Festival (Bremen)

Hast du Fragen?? Utopolis – Nordstadt im Rampenlicht (Hildesheim)
Wasserorakel (Anne Reinhold), Hildesheimer Wallungen (Hildesheim)

Bedingungslose Unzeitforschung, flausen Final Choice #8 (Oldenburg)

Bedingungslose Unzeitforschung, flausen Final Choice #7 (Oldenburg)
Funken des dazwischen, Babel im Park (Hildesheim)
Orakelmaschine (Braunschweig)

Orakelmaschine, Fuchsbau Festival (Lehrte/Hannover)
Where is your next sea?, Greifswald International Students Festival (Greifswald)
Orakelade, Campusfest (Hildesheim)
Dreh am Otter!, Workshop Village (Ottersberg/Bremen)

Con’Fusion Orakelmaschine, Folk’n’Fusion Festival (Hildesheim)
Institut für angewandte Beendigung, at.tension#6 (Lärz)
Sinfonie des Wunderns (Hildesheim)

Sternerwartung, Kubus Festival (Hildesheim)

Zauberwald, Hildesheimer Wallungen (Hildesheim)